The Pull of Scrupulosity

Scrupulosity is common among young people today due to a disconnect between the ideal of sanctity and the reality of the life of virtue.

The Pink Synod

Certain seminaries became pink palaces, where seminarians and priests commonly shrugged away their vows of chastity, treating such sins with a thoroughly modern wink and a nudge.

The Everlasting Revival

Movements of large-scale change and conversion cannot be manufactured; they must be caught and spread. Programs do not change people. People change other people. 

A Kneeling Theology

When theologians withhold their assent from all that the Church has consistently taught from the very beginning until now, they pretty much leave everything in ruins.

Still Concerned About the Eucharistic Revival: A Response to Tim Glemkowski

Dear Tim, Thanks so much for your response to my recent essay regarding Eucharistic Revival and the Eucharistic Congress. You were so openhanded in offering me the benefit of your erudition and experience that I’m moved to reciprocate. I’ve been a communicator as a teacher, preacher, author, and broadcaster for 33 years, and my experience will … Read more

Twilight in Tyler

Many of us heard the voice of a shepherd in Bishop Strickland and moved to Tyler, Texas in response. It’s a gut punch to lose him now.

Ruling vs. Leading the Church

In Pope Francis’s favorite book “The Lord of the World,” the fictional pope does not lead but rules the Church. Ecclesiastical power is centralized in his person. The Cardinal Legates are his supervisors of the local Church. Some might see a pattern here.

Unsung Heroes of Christendom

We need to recognize those lesser-known saints whose lives of heroic self-sacrifice have been forgotten, the heroes who helped build Christendom.

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