Arthur F. McGovern

At the time this article was published, Arthur F. McGovern, S.J., was teaching in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Detroit Mercy.

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Documentation: A Liberal Jesuit Has Second Thoughts About Capitalism

One reason liberation theologians opt for socialism stands out above all others: their abhorrence of the prevailing capitalist system. If, as many liberation theologians stress, capitalism cannot be reformed to meet the basic needs of the poor or to give them true participation in society, then socialism would seem to be the only real option. … Read more

Biblical Realism or Apocalypticism? A Response to Michael Novak

In the July 1984 issue of Catholicism in Crisis Michael Novak contributed an article on “Biblical Realism and Power Politics.” He argued that Christians must have a very realistic sense of the role that power plays in the world, and the focus of his article was upon the power of the Soviet Union. He sees … Read more

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