Let Us Be Frank About Our Future

Fifty years ago, the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans was about five percent of the population, meaning that in just two generations that cohort has increased 500 percent, and most of that has been just in the last twenty-five years.

Are Sunday Masses Too Long Or Are They Too Banal?

Cardinal Dolan recently wrote an article asking if Sunday Masses were too long. While taking a potshot against more traditional features of the liturgy, he also seems to completely miss the essence of what makes the Mass different than any other human activity.

Living in a Messy Church

The “mess” in the Church today is reflected in the total lack of order found in ecclesial appointments and suspensions. The unfaithful are rewarded while the faithful are disciplined.

Solum Magisterium?

Archbishop Victor Fernández’s claim about a “doctrine of the Holy Father” runs the risk of collapsing all distinction between the magisterium and its normative sources, such as Scripture and Tradition.

Sister Wilhelmina: A Modern Traditional Saint (Guest: Sr. Mary Josefa)

In April of this year, the body of Sr. Wilhelmina Lancaster, founder of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, was found to be incorrupt four years after her death. Who was Sr. Wilhelmina and what is God trying to tell us through this miracle? We’ll talk to a member of the order she helped found to discover what made this woman so remarkable.

The Revolution Comes for Scott Hahn

For Leftist Catholics, all of the good Scott Hahn has done in the past is considered worthless due to his lack of vocal and complete support for today’s Revolution.

Eucharistic Thanksgiving

The word “Eucharist” itself literally means “thanksgiving.” So why does thanksgiving seem ever more removed from our celebration of the Eucharist?

What Is a Bishop?

Too often our bishops today are legal, financial, sacramental, and practical administrators, but that is not their fundamental divine calling.

Catholics: Stop Imitating Protestants!

For the past sixty years, Catholics have been imitating Protestants in our liturgy, youth outreach, and other aspects of Catholic life. How has this impacted the Church, and is there a better way forward?

God’s Preemptive Strikes

Usually, the Church proclaims a dogma in reaction to a spreading heresy. But the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption were preemptively declared to prepare for future heresies.

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