February: a President and a Pope

The reigns of Ronald Reagan and Pope Benedict XVI resemble one another because both presided over periods of “Restoration” and were followed by a further fall.

Arm Wrestling the World for God

The solution to the Church’s distress lies right before us. Will spiritual leaders and laity choose to see it—or reject it because of the cost?

Courage at What Cost?

What is it about our bishops that keeps them so supine? Are there not any around willing to talk back to Rome?

Are Women Deacons Coming to the Catholic Church?

There’s been much talk recently at the highest levels of the Catholic Church about the possibility of women deacons, and one theologian close to Pope Francis says that he’s in favor of it. Are women deacons even possible in the Catholic Church?

Exit the Pope?

It is not disrespect of papal magisterium to register difficulties with supposedly pastoral recommendations on the basis of prudential criteria.

Did Newman Say We Could Disobey the Pope?

St. John Henry Newman lived at a time when a Catholic’s obligation of obedience to the pope was hotly debated. What he wrote can be challenging today both for those who advocate for total obedience and for those who “recognize and resist” Pope Francis.

Courage: The Sage the Church Needs

Star ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele picked an unwinnable fight against a leviathan—and won. But she died, too. Her way is one the Church must follow.

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