The Faith of the RFKs

Like his father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. relies on his Catholic Faith during his political campaign. But there’s a significant—and tragic—difference between father and son.

The Chasm of Life and Death

So many conservatives, including many pro-lifers, focus only on the political ramifications of opposing IVF. We need to instead focus on the lives lost.

No Mercy for Sin Itself

It is one thing to tolerate your brother’s sin—because you yourself are a sinner, after all. It is another to accept it in principle, explicitly or implicitly.

The Blood-Thirsty Democrats

Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent visit to an abortion clinic highlights how much the Democratic Party has embraced child-killing.

Pro-lifers on Trial and the Denial of Reality

For the first time ever pro-lifers were accused of employing prayers and hymns as weapons against women seeking abortions. Apparently one need not shoot an abortionist or torch a clinic to be justly accused of violence.

Performative Catholicism

Once society allows individuals to claim an identity grounded exclusively in emotion or desire, anyone can claim to be a practicing Catholic no matter their beliefs or actions.

FACEing Injustice

Nine pro-lifers are each facing up to 11 years in prison under the FACE Act, and a fellow pro-lifer has turned and is providing testimony against them.

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