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Living in a Messy Church

The “mess” in the Church today is reflected in the total lack of order found in ecclesial appointments and suspensions. The unfaithful are rewarded while the faithful are disciplined.

I’ll Be Doing Opus Dei No Matter What

The organization Opus Dei has always had difficulty fitting into the greater structure of the Catholic Church. But the fundamental mission of Opus Dei is still fundamentally the mission of the baptized.

In Defense of the Virtual Workplace

The virtual option, while not a panacea for our current societal problems, might be better than being handcuffed to your desk, physically isolated from your loved ones for the majority of the time.

The Digitalization of the Faithful

How does it impact the faithful when one can become engrossed in a virtual world in which most of the rules of reality no longer apply, losing touch with the real world, and at times wondering which is really the real world?

Sister Wilhelmina: A Modern Traditional Saint (Guest: Sr. Mary Josefa)

In April of this year, the body of Sr. Wilhelmina Lancaster, founder of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, was found to be incorrupt four years after her death. Who was Sr. Wilhelmina and what is God trying to tell us through this miracle? We’ll talk to a member of the order she helped found to discover what made this woman so remarkable.

Performative Catholicism

Once society allows individuals to claim an identity grounded exclusively in emotion or desire, anyone can claim to be a practicing Catholic no matter their beliefs or actions.

The True Spirit of Scouting

I derived a huge number of benefits from my participation in scouting, but at a time when it has morphed into something unrecognizable, I cannot help but want to muse on what scouting really means.

Chasing Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have always been with us, but lately they are on the rise as many conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts. How should Catholics approach these theories?

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