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A Wicked Generation Seeks Signs

Millions of Americans have witnessed some amazing celestial events recently, including a total solar eclipse and the aurora borealis. Are these signs from God, perhaps of the End Times?

What’s Missing in the Eucharistic Revival

Without a sincere note of repentance for not only our sins but the sins of previous generations of Catholics, we stand very little chance of experiencing the genuine renewal our nation so desperately needs.

The #1 Vocation Killer

The reason we still have a vocations crisis isn’t poor catechesis or smaller families. It’s something more insidious.

Heaven Is Only in Heaven

Secularism tries to turn this world into a atheistic heaven. Our only defense against this lie is the Ascended Christ.

O Happy Fault, O Happy Departure

The Ascension is sometimes just an Easter afterthought. But the full extent of our salvation isn’t revealed until this feast, when the Paschal Mystery is complete.

The Guerrilla Warfare of Journaling

It takes a conscious effort to keep yourself from falling into the fifth-generation war machine that is meant to influence thoughts and behavior. That effort is daily journaling.

How to Truly “Be Different”

What is now truly different is the old way of doing things; rebellion has become a rather drab and uniform affair of everyone being “different” in essentially the same rainbow way.

Thank You, Jesus

Gratitude is an exercise of the heart not the mind, and as such it gives the mind the space it needs to rest.

Light a Siena Fire

In our world today, it is boldness among the faithful which is the ingredient that we lack the most.

On Beginnings and Endings

What Eliot is trying to tell us is that the end will always be found in the beginning, and that when we finally do come to the end, it will have been granted to us so that once more we may return to the beginning.

The Dangers of Liberal Catholicism (Guest: Trent Horn)

For decades “liberal” or “progressive” Catholicism has been dominant in the Catholic Church in America, deeply influencing parishes and parishioners. What are the dangers of this brand of Catholicism, and what can we do to combat it?

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