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Hell’s Fury for Harrison Butker

If you’re sick of the bullying thugs of cancel culture, then stand with Harrison Butker. Now they’re coming for Butker. Next, they’ll come for you.

Wildcat: Flannery for Rookies

Flannery O’Connor is considered one of the greatest Catholic writers of all time, but most people, when asked about her, make a face. The new movie Wildcat is provocative enough to drive a new audience to her strangely redemptive stories.

The Death of Death?

Many of our tech elites are spending vast amounts of money to defeat death and achieve physical immortality.

All Things Considered: The Case for Defunding NPR

NPR’s beclouded notion of truth is convenient for journalists who, unfettered by any allegiance to objectivity, are free to choose whichever of the “many different truths” best align with their activist narratives.

Renouncing the “High-Value Man”

It is true that we desperately need good men. Masculinity is a good and necessary gift from God. But we need masculine men, not “high-value men.”

Our Unhappy Youth

Many young people appear to have fallen into the most antihuman way of life that any civilization has ever settled into.

The False Christ of The Chosen

Just when we thought we had blessedly stamped out the cartoon, CCD “Jesus,” a newer, slicker incarnation of this caricature has seeped back into the Catholic Church in the form of “The Chosen”.

Letter to the American Church

The movie “Letter to the American Church” is a ringing call to Christian pastors and bishops to speak up before the window closes, as it did in Germany in the 1930s.

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