The Whisky Priest and Jairus’ Daughters

Like Graham Greene’s fugitive priest stumbling from place to place through the night to calm the frightened in the faith-starved homes of Tabasco, Bishop Strickland now moves on the peripheries.

The Quest for the True Cross

The reality of the True Cross, found by St. Helena, testifies to the historical facts behind the Gospel, and thereby behind our salvation.

The #1 Vocation Killer

The reason we still have a vocations crisis isn’t poor catechesis or smaller families. It’s something more insidious.

O Happy Fault, O Happy Departure

The Ascension is sometimes just an Easter afterthought. But the full extent of our salvation isn’t revealed until this feast, when the Paschal Mystery is complete.

The Guerrilla Warfare of Journaling

It takes a conscious effort to keep yourself from falling into the fifth-generation war machine that is meant to influence thoughts and behavior. That effort is daily journaling.

The Faith of the RFKs

Like his father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. relies on his Catholic Faith during his political campaign. But there’s a significant—and tragic—difference between father and son.

How to Truly “Be Different”

What is now truly different is the old way of doing things; rebellion has become a rather drab and uniform affair of everyone being “different” in essentially the same rainbow way.

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