Are We All Pelagians Now?

For many modern followers of Pelagius, getting into Heaven is nothing more than a self-help enterprise, the result of simply willing the good, bypassing the need for grace along the way.

The Priest as Hercules

A perfect metaphor for the classical priest is Hercules. Sadly, the Modern priest happily sees himself as Shirley Temple, steering not the mighty Barque of Peter but the Good Ship Lollipop.

Simple Democracy Is the Existential Threat

Our constitutional republic is not the “democracy” that the progressives fear losing. They fear losing their ability to thwart it by means of bureaucratic mandates and legislation from the bench.

Mere Tradition

Tradition, before it is a theology or a movement, is a mood and memory. It begins in the heart and imprints itself on your soul.

All Protestants Are Progressives

Since everything in Protestantism reduces to the individual’s personal interpretation, even conservative Protestants end up advancing progressivism.

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