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Bishop Strickland urges Catholics: ‘Stand firm in your faith’ on the eve of the Synod

Bishop Strickland defends Catholic teaching condemning female ‘deacons’ in new pastoral letter

Massachusetts bishop forbids students from LGBT expression in diocesan schools

Pope Francis appoints pro-abortion, pro-LGBT friend as founding member of new Vatican institute

Bishop Schneider composes prayer for the triumph of the Catholic faith across the world

Cardinal Burke: ‘Populist rhetoric’ associated with Pope Francis undermines Catholic doctrine

Cleveland Bishop preserves the Latin Mass in Diocese by establishing Shrine Church

Archbishop Vigano Restored to Twitter after Public Outcry

Archbishop Fernandez defends controversial book as “Catechesis for Teens”

Archbishop Vigano founds group to help priests and religious resist the Bergolian Revolution

Breaking: Rupnik dismissed from Jesuits

Pittsburgh ‘Pride Mass’ canceled after Bishop’s letter disavows event

Archdiocese of Kansas City warns masses at 3 parishes may have been invalid for years due to wrong wine

Pope Francis Hospitalized for Urgent abdominal surgery

Miracle in Missouri: Body of Benedictine sisters’ foundress thought to be incorrupt

Carmelite Nuns suing Fort Worth Bishop for illegal unholy assault on their community

France’s Catholic clergy to carry ID cards proving they are in good standing

Archdiocese of Boston responds to Satanic Temple event with call for prayer, Eucharistic Adoration

Vatican preparing document for couples living in ‘new unions’ after ‘marriage failure’

New charges agains McCarrick highlight depth of ex-cardinal’s alleged sexual abuse

Abp. Cordileone condemns abortion as ‘satanic worship’, LGBT ideology as ‘demonic’

Canceled priest: heresy and tyranny will lead to an ‘underground church’ in our lifetimes

Pope Francis ‘improving’ from ‘respiratory infection’ Vatican says

Pope Francis accepts resignation of German bishops’ VP

Pope Francis taken by ambulance to hospital after chest pain

Pope Francis invites Catholics to renew consecration to Immaculate heart of Mary on March 25

Benedict’s personal secretary searches for five cousins who are heirs to the late pontiff

Disney doc features Pope Francis’ talk with Gen Z on LGBTQ issues, abortion, and more

U.S. Bishop Daniel Flores to help prepare Synod of Synodality assembly

Vatican data shows ‘uninterrupted decline’ in vocations since Francis became pope in 2013

By the numbers: How the Catholic Church has changed during Pope Francis’ pontificate

German synodal way backs same-sex blessings

San Diego Diocese Denies Charge that it Sought hide Assets to Avoid Paying Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Biden AG Merrick Garland admits FBI memo targeting Latin Mass Catholics was ‘appalling’

Children’s adoration offers young families a chance for prayer, community

Cardinal McCarrick Asks for Dismissal of Sex Abuse Case Against him Citing Dementia

Traditional Latin Mass attendees waiting to see impact of new Vatican restrictions

Bishop Paprocki Accuses Cardinal McElroy of heresy; Says he May have Excommunicated himself

Suspect confesses to the murder of Bishop David O’Connell, LA prosecutor says

LA Auxiliary bishop shot and killed

German bishops’ leader wants ‘common line’ on same-sex blessings ahead of synodal way vote

Nigeria’s Newest Cardinal: Presidential Election will either ‘make or break’ Nigeria

Suspect arrested in murder of Bishop O’Connell

FBI surveilling ‘Radical’ Latin Mass Catholics

Ukraine Catholic Church moves from Russian-affiliated Julian calendar

Father John Hollowell healed of brain tumor at Lourdes

Church of England synod member ‘rebuked’ by Welby for publicly opposing same sex blessings

Pro-Homosexual Dominican priest to lead October retreat for bishops at start of synod

Frank Pavone was accused of ‘sexual misconduct’ before laicization

New book by Pope Benedict XVI to be published

Church of England bishops to bless same-sex unions

McCarrick’s Lawyers Say He’s Not Competent to Stand Trial

Cardinal George Pell dies after surgery

Catholic priest burned to death in Nigeria

In pandemic’s wake, churchgoing takes a hit

Pontifical Academy for Life retweets article on changing Church’s contraception ban

Cardinal Zen attends Benedict XVI funeral

Funeral of Benedict XVI: Everything you need to know

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI dies at age 95

An Insider’s View of Benedict’s Resignation

Vatican dismisses Father Frank Pavone from priesthood

Cardinal says Rome diocese learned ‘recently’ of Fr. Rupnik accusations

Indian Catholics block cathedral Mass over liturgy dispute

Cardinal Zen Appeals Conviction in Hong Kong

‘Descent into Hell’: An alleged Rupnik victim speaks out

Archbishop Paglia threatens lawsuit against Catholic outlet reporting his alleged embezzlement

Jesuit artist was excommunicated before latest abuse report

Pope Francis Decrees Better Control of Vatican Funds and Foundations

Vatican says China has violated agreement with Msgr Peng appointment

Pope Francis praises ‘fruitful’ theology of Benedict XVI

Catholic student center in Nebraska receives shooting threat, signed ‘Jane’s Revenge’

German Bishops want to be Catholic “in a different way”

Cardinal Zen Found Guilty

Knoxville diocese to face apostolic visitation

Pope Francis removes Caritas Internationalis leaders, appoints temporary administrator

U.S. Bishops postpone doc on voting until…after 2024 election

Disgraced Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard asks Vatican for laicization

Archbishop Broglio Elected USCCB President

Pope Francis meets with Father James Martin at Vatican

Vatican auditors sue Secretariat of State, allege widespread financial corruption

French cardinal confesses to sexual abuse

Pope says pro-abortion appointment brings ‘more humanity’ to Pontifical Academy for Life

Steubenville priests ask USCCB to delay merger vote

Politics & The Economy

Senator JD Vance to force vote on bill banning federal government from reimposing mask mandates

Florida fines Medicaid providers for funding children’s gender procedures with taxpayer money

Cardinal Burke: Chinese Communists have ‘rebelled against God,’ ‘cruelly persecuted’ Catholics

Uganda president slams world bank for freezing loans over anti-sodomy law: ‘We Shall Thrive’

BREAKING: Ohio voters side with abortion lobby, defeat proposal backed by pro-lifers

The Australian gov’t is forcefully taking over a Catholic hospital because it is pro-life

New York to track residents’ food purchases, place ‘caps on meat’ served by public institutions

Montana becomes first state to ban tiktok over ties to communist China

Biden Press Secretary says “America’s children belong to all of us” at LGBT media event

Dr. Taylor Marshall announces run for president; Bishop Strickland rebukes Pope Francis

Military’s expanded role in 5g could lead to mass data collection, tracking, and monitoring of US citizens

FBI Director Christopher Wray faces articles of impeachment for targeting pro-lifers, Catholics

Montana bans dismemberment abortions, enacts new limits on taxpayer funding

North Carolina bans abortion at 12 weeks after Republican lawmakers override governor’s veto

Biden Justice Department ‘paying off’ transgender inmates who sue for transitions: report

RFK Jr says he will cut gov’t funding of Big Pharma, restore America’s middle class is elected president

Oklahoma judge puts restraining order on Christian man who criticized LGBT ideology online

hillary Clinton’s former VP pick defends FBI monitoring of Latin Mass Catholics

FBI slammed for using undercover sources in Catholic churches to monitor suspicious activity

COVID jab critic Robert F Kennedy Jr. registers to run for president as a Democrat in 2024

Irish Catholics pray for Biden’s conversion at Marian apparition site, spread blessed salt after his visit

Idaho bans trafficking minors across state lines for abortion without parental consent

Diocese responds after Wisconsin priest urges Catholics to vote against pro-abortion candidate

Florida Senate passes bill to ban abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected

UN and Ortodox prelates condemn Zelenskys moves to evict monks, seize churches in Ukraine

Pelosi Attacks Abp Cordileone Over Opposition to Abortion, Same Sex ‘Marriage’, Calls for Women Priests

House Republicans pass Parents’ Bill of Rights to combat left-wing ideology in schools

Trump Indictment Expected to come Wednesday, Arraignment Next Week

WHO’s pandemic treaty will subject us to an unelected class of globalist scientific bureaucrats

Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law restricting LGBT ideology, CRT, sexual materials in schools

New Jersey AG threatens cities with $10k fine for not including ‘nonbinary’ option on marriage certificates

Former FDA official blasts Biden’s ‘dangerous’ plan to circumvent Roe ruling by mailing abortion pills

Biden Makes Secret Trip to Ukraine, Appears with Zelensky

South Dakota Bans Child Sex Changes

Turkish leader declares state of emergency as Turkey-Syria quake death toll passes 5,100

Pro-Life Hero Mark Houck to Attend State of the Union

Pro-Life activist Mark Houck found NOT GUILTY in Philadelphia

AP tells reporters to call crisis pregnancy centers ‘anti-abortion centers’

Pfizer Official Says Firm Considering Ways To ‘Mutate’ Virus Via ‘Directed Evolution’

Heroic Pro-Life Catholic Priest Found Guilty Under FACE Act

Trial Begins For Mark Houck, The Catholic Pro-Life Activist Biden’s DOJ Wants Behind Bars

Tech companies laying off tens of thousands of workers

Supreme Court failed to find source of leaked opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

Global South: Gold-Backed Currencies to Replace the US Dollar

Five More Classified Docs Unearthed at Biden’s Delaware Residence

Pro-life father Mark Houck’s federal trial set to begin January 24

Military vaccine mandate ended

Riots break out in Brazil over election results

FBI refuses to disclose its influence on Big Tech

Classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president discovered at Penn Biden Center

House adjourns after McCarthy suffers defeat on third ballot

U.S. FDA allows abortion pills to be sold at retail pharmacies

Since Covid Lockdowns, New York Lost More of Its Population than Any Other State

Sen. Lindsey Graham insanely calls for Putin’s Assassination

McConnell ‘proud’ of $1.7 trillion spending deal that funds Planned Parenthood, woke gender programs

Why Are So Many Men Leaving the Workforce?

Zelensky Headed to Washington for ‘Weapons, Weapons, and More Weapons’

Abortions in Texas drop 97% after Roe reversal

Russia warns of ‘unpredictable consequences’ if US sends Patriot missiles to Ukraine

House passes same-sex marriage bill in final vote, sending it to Biden’s desk

Can you raise a family on one income?

Keynesian Policies Gave Us High Debt, Inflation, and Weak Growth

Appeals Court Blocks Joe Biden’s Mandate Trying to Force Christian Doctors to Do Abortions

Trump Was Banned From Twitter Day After Michelle Obama Complained

How Catholics in Congress Voted on the Bill to Redefine Marriage

Mark Houck files for dismissal of ‘discriminatory’ federal charges following FBI raid on family home

Senate passes Democrats’ same-sex ‘marriage’ bill with 12 Republican votes

UK Supreme Court creates ‘thought crime’ near abortion clinics

Here’s How The CDC Used A Backchannel With Twitter To Control The COVID-19 Narrative

GOP lawmaker organizes Eucharistic procession at Michigan capitol to ‘re-evangelize’ state

Florida pulls $2 billion in investments from BlackRock for pushing social justice agenda

Explosion at Ukrainian embassy in Madrid injures one person

Major win for Catholic doctors fighting Biden’s transgender mandate

NATO Doubles Down on Pledge to Eventually Admit Ukraine

Top House Republicans Call for Biden to Send Longer Range Weapons to Ukraine to Strike Crimea

Culture & Catholic Living

Woke breastfeeding organization eliminates the word ‘mother’ from its mission statement

Catholic bookstore wins settlement against Florida City that passed pro-LGBT pronoun law

Maryland school district mandating some elementary students wear masks for 10 days

‘Like a miracle’: Catholic church untouched by Maui wildfires as surrounding buildings burn down

Pro-life pediatricians group decries American Academy of Pediatrics’ affirmation of child sex changes

This brave mother refused an abortion after her cancer diagnosis, and she’s already beating the odds

Pop singer Harry Styles donates portion of tour proceeds to pro-abortion organizations

Pride marchers chanting “We’re coming for your children” shows what the LGBT agenda is about

Pride marchers chanting “We’re coming for your children” shows what the LGBT agenda is about

Pride marchers chanting “We’re coming for your children” shows what the LGBT agenda is about

Texas pro-lifers buy former abortion facility and turn it into parenting support center

Planned Parenthood reports abortions are up 54% in Illinois as bordering states enact laws protecting the preborn

Scientists develop synthetic human embryos from stem cells without eggs, sperm

Homosexual Atheist of WEF advisor suggest AI will write new bible found to ‘correct’ religions

Girl Scouts guidelines allow gender confused boys to share overnight camping quarters with girls

Catholics place billboards in Florida dedicated tot he Sacred Heart of Jesus in June

Canadian parents urged to keep children home from school on June 1 to protest pride month

Experts urge suspension of Covid jabs for women of childbearing age over miscarriage data

Adidas pride month apparel offerings include a women’s swimsuit modeled by a hairy 6’2″ man

Unvaxxed Rhode Island teachers win their jobs back after getting fired for refusing Covid shot

Pro-abortion professor goes on tirade against pro-life students, damages their display at New York College

“Absolutely Terrifying”: Candace Owens reveals details of Gardisil shot vaccine injury

LA Dodgers reissue invitation to anti-Catholic drag nuns, apologize for excluding them from ceremony

World Health Org has advised sex ed beginning at birth, ‘early childhood masturbation’ since 2010

OpenAI CEO falls for gov’t regulation of new technology that could ’cause significant harm’

Teacher investigated for showing film with gay character claims parental rights are ‘gone’ at school

Catholic bishops to FDA: Don’t make ‘minipill’ contraceptive over-the-counter

King Charles III crowned in Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Media pays no attention when drag queen ‘mom’ is convicted of 11 child sex abuse crimes

‘The greatest crime against humanity’ in history: Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents

Bud Light sales drop 17%, second marketing exec takes leave amid Dylan Mulvaney backlash

Red Rose Rescuers sentenced to jail for ‘trespassing’ at Michigan abortion mill

New Wyoming law restricts girls’ sports to biological girls

Pro-lifers in Mexico call for ban on surrogate motherhood

Exclusive: Harrison Butker’s advice on how to be a saint

Hershey’s faces boycott after ad with ‘transgender’ man promotes ‘Women’s Day’ chocolate bar

Survivor of Turkey earthquake: ‘God protected me and the Virgin Mary did not leave me’

Longtime teacher fired after discussing God in classroom, challenging ‘evil’ LGBT school policy

Ohio train derailment raises questions of toxic chemicals in air, water

Smithsonian staff kick out Catholic students for wearing pro-life hats

Police say church vandal was about to break into tabernacle — until he 200

Leftists attack former NFL coach Tony Dungy for his pro-family Christian beliefs

NFL Player collapses during game after cardiac arrest

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé dead at 82

The 8 days of Christmas? A look at the Christmas octave

Meet Sister Bernadette, the most recently-cured person at Lourdes

What Our Lady of Guadalupe Means to a Former Abortionist

Bp. Strickland: The lives of the saints can teach us how to practice sacrificial love

Caroling Catholic nuns surprise holiday shoppers in downtown Boston

The Mississippi was once the Immaculate Conception

Tucker Carlson Suggests Apple, American News Media Is ‘Covering’ For The CCP

Less than half of England and Wales population now Christian

Some U.S. dioceses are lifting restrictions on Communion cup

How Money Printing Made Supply Chain Disruptions Even Worse

Cardinal Sarah: ‘Religious liberty is under threat in the West, too’

Ukraine considers banning Russian Orthodox Church

Bans on “Assault” Weapons Do Not Reduce Crime

Nun who wowed The Voice of Italy becomes waitress in Spain

Here’s the List of Twitter Accounts Reinstated Since Elon Musk Took Over

Four pro-life activists sentenced to 45 days in jail for Red Rose Rescue in 2019

Popular Protestant YouTube host announces decision to convert to Catholicism

Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic granted visa to play in Australian Open

Patriarch of Constantinople: Conversations Are Underway for Catholics and Orthodox to Celebrate Easter on the Same Date

Jewish Actor Converts to Catholicism

Small Catholic College Produces Priests, Nuns, and Vocations

This School Took Away Smartphones. The Kids Don’t Mind.

English Town Outlaws Sign of the Cross and Praying in Public in Abortion ‘Safe Zone’

Meet the Catholic Nuns Building a New Church With Bitcoin

Conservative Presbyterians lay out why mainline cousins are losing members

Pope Francis calls on Catholics to become peacemakers

Sewing the Sacred: Finding the Catholic Faith Amid Fashion

The Hobbit in a Nutshell

At its deepest level, The Hobbit can be seen as a parabolic commentary on the words from St. Matthew’s Gospel that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.

Clearing up confusion over who struck at Satan’s head in Scripture

A Catholic School Moment?

Why Hell Really Lasts Forever

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