Shipping and Returns

Our Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with any of our products, for any reason, just send it back in sellable condition for a refund. See complete instructions below to ensure you receive your refund.

Shipping Policy

Book orders: To save you money we ship through a variety of carriers, including media mail. The most economical is not always the fastest. If you need immediate delivery, call in your order and have it expedited.

Backorders: Occasionally demand exceeds the supply of our exceptional books. When this happens, we create backorders and ship items as soon as our supplies are replenished.

$5 flat rate shipping (contiguous United States only): At the moment, Crisis is offering $5.00 flat shipping on all consumer orders. Flat rate shipping does not apply to bulk orders or orders that include non-book items.

Return Policy

We accept returns of books in sellable condition for up to 90 days from delivery.

When packing books for return, please refer to the following guidelines: 

Use a brand NEW, never-been-used box. Do not reuse any box to ship returns as boxes are not designed to withstand multiple shipments. Books that are damaged due to reusing a box will not be credited.

Use bubble wrap or foam packaging to protect the books from the walls of the box. (UPS/FedEx/USPS will not fulfill damage claims for boxes not packed according to their standards.)

Items must be packed flat and not on their spines or ends.

Pack the books as snugly as possible. 

Empty space within a carton must be filled (to prevent the box from crushing) with heavy kraft paper, bubble pack, or foam packing. Do not use packing peanuts. Do not use newsprint as the ink rubs off on books.

Having the books arrive in an undamaged, resellable condition is your responsibility, please pack with care. Click here to watch a short demonstration on how to correctly package your returns. 

Upon receipt and inspection of returned items, once deemed resellable by staff, we will issue you a credit memo for the full cost paid for the books.

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