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Since 1982, Crisis Magazine has been America's leading source for Catholic perspectives on religion, culture, and politics. Join editor-in-chief Eric Sammons and leading Catholics on "The Crisis Point."

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Are Women Deacons Coming to the Catholic Church?

There's been much talk recently at the highest levels of the Catholic Church about the possibility of women deacons, and one theologian close to Pope Francis says that he's in favor of it. Are women deacons even possible in the Catholic Church?

A Radical “Third Way” of Catholic Discipleship (Guest: Rob Marco)

Are traditional Catholics too insular? Do they focus too much on the liturgy at the expense of evangelization and the works of mercy? Our guest today will challenge us with what he says is a "third way" that encompasses the "both/and" of Catholic discipleship.

Did Newman Say We Could Disobey the Pope?

St. John Henry Newman lived at a time when a Catholic's obligation of obedience to the pope was hotly debated. What he wrote can be challenging today both for those who advocate for total obedience and for those who "recognize and resist" Pope Francis.

Can Catholics Still “Follow the Science?”

The reputation of "Science" is in tatters for many people, leading some to question things that were previously assumed by just about everyone. What is the proper Catholic approach to evaluating the claims of scientists?

Should Catholics Vote in 2024?

Crisis Editor Eric Sammons recently wrote an article arguing that Catholics should consider not voting in the 2024 presidential election. Needless to say, it got a lot of pushback, which we're going to address today on the podcast.

May Catholics Hope That Hell is Empty?

Recently Pope Francis said that he likes to think of Hell as empty and hopes it is. What are the theological and practical implications of such a view?

The Clergy Scandals Continue…

The Church is awash in clergy scandals, from the troubling writings of a head of a major Vatican dicastery to the depraved activities of well-known priests. What is a Catholic to do in the face of such corruption?

2024: The Path Forward for Catholics

Catholics have been debating how to react to the crisis in the Church for some time now: Should we ignore Rome and focus on our family/parish/community? Or should we actively resist the scandals and corruptions coming from the Vatican?

2023: The Year Pope Francis Went Too Far?

A year that began with the death of Pope Benedict XVI ended with an open revolt against Pope Francis. After a decade of "making a mess," it appears even the bishops are tired of the constant battles and controversies of this pontificate.

Battle of the Catechisms (Guest: Aaron Seng)

Since the beginning of Christianity there have been catechisms to help the faithful understand Church teaching. In recent decades, however, catechisms are often used in an attempt to change Church teaching. A new catechism attempts to return to the original purpose of catechisms.

Is Viganò the Next Lefebvre?

Archbishop Viganò is starting a new seminary, raising comparisons to SSPX founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Is this fair, or are there differences between them?

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