Angela Grimm

At the time this article was written, Angela Grimm was the director of the Catholic Center at the Free Congress Foundation.

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Justices in Waiting Ten Leading Candidates for a Bush Supreme Court

There is no guarantee that George Bush will have the opportunity to fill a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Four out of the nine justices are more than 80 years old, however. The Constitution which these men are sworn to uphold and appointed to interpret does not require them to retire. But the higher … Read more

What Do Women Really Want?

The United States Catholic Conference has come out with a first draft of its “women’s pastoral,” entitled “Partners in the Mystery of Redemption.” While its 131 pages include some valuable insights, in general the letter is neither pastoral, nor primarily about the authentic needs of women. It is strongly feminist and almost entirely lacking in … Read more

Henry Hyde — Conscience of the Congress

“Without a strong hierarchy to guide the Church, you realize how terribly much on your own you are.” Representative Henry Hyde, Republican from Illinois, is perhaps the most conspicuously Catholic member of Congress. Former altar boy, choir boy, and Georgetown University basketball star, he is today a powerful voice in the struggle against totalitarianism and … Read more

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