Alan L. Keyes

Alan L. Keyes is a member of the Foreign Policy Planning Council staff of the State Department. The views and conclusions presented in this article are solely those of the author, and should not be interpreted as representing an official view of the U. S. Department of State or the Reagan Administration.

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Crises, Tidings, & Revelations: Children Born of the Dead

How would it feel to find out one day that your biological mother was an aborted fetus? It sounds like the premise of an implausible science fiction horror story, but researchers at Edinburgh University have used mice to develop a new technique that could allow eggs from aborted female fetuses to be implanted in the … Read more

Uncivil Liberties: A Descendant of Slaves Thinks About Abortion

Since the Supreme Court’s decision in the Webster case, the abortion issue has moved to the center stage of politics at the state level. It dominated the Virginia gubernatorial race between Marshall Coleman and Douglas Wilder. In that race, as well as others around the country, those who favor abortion on demand have presented it … Read more

The Morality of Deterrence

In the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Catholic Church especially Augustine and Aquinas, one finds awe-inspiring efforts to reconcile the demands of disciplined faith with the dictates of reason and the practical requirements of life. Whether or not one shares their faith, contact with these efforts enlarges the capacity for moral thought … Read more

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