Anne Morse

Anne Morse is a senior writer with the Wilberforce Foundation.

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Society at Sea: A Reflection on Civility

I am relaxing on a teak chair on the promenade deck of a luxurious cruise ship, a drink in one hand, a paperback in the other. An elegant new hat is keeping the late afternoon sun out of my eyes. Back home in Maryland, snow is falling on a dreary landscape; here in the Caribbean, … Read more

Meeting Peggy Noonan

It is the beginning of the week America buried Ronald Reagan. Peggy Noonan is in Washington to attend his funeral, to visit with old friends and colleagues, to wander among the notable and the unknown. In the days ahead, she will chronicle this week of national mourning in the Wall Street Journal, and the millions … Read more

Conservative Heavyweight: The Remarkable Mind of Professor Robert P. George

Professor Robert P. George is pacing around a Princeton auditorium before 200-plus undergraduates, preparing to wage an intellectual shock-and-awe campaign against illogical thinking. “Some politicians say that they’re ‘personally opposed’ to abortion, yet ‘pro-choice,” says the 48-year-old professor of constitutional law and moral philosophy. “But we must ask: Is this a position that can survive … Read more

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