Amy Fahey

Amy Fahey holds a doctorate in English and American Literature from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.Phil. in Mediaeval Literature from the University of St. Andrews. She has taught courses at Washington University and Christendom College, and over the past ten years has been a Visiting Fellow at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack, New Hampshire).

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Alexa, Homeschool the Children

Since mid-March, journalists across the country have been announcing that we have suddenly become a nation of homeschoolers. “The coronavirus has turned caregivers around the world into homeschoolers,” declares CNN. Media outlets from USA Today to the Washington Post have been posting homeschooling tips for disoriented parents and even more disoriented kids: read aloud with … Read more

Remembering the Troubadour of Saint Folly

“Pray that I may love God more. It seems to me that if I can learn to love God more passionately, more constantly, without distractions, that absolutely nothing else can matter…. I receive Holy Communion every morning, so it ought to be all the easier for me to attain this object of my prayers. I … Read more

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