Arland K. Nichols

Arland K. Nichols is the founding President of the John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family.

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The Measure of Humanity

Pope Benedict writes in Spe salvi, “The true measure of humanity is essentially determined in relationship to suffering and to the sufferer.” These words recently took on new meaning for me as I encountered the story of Edwarda O’Bara, who passed away at the age of 59 in late November. In January 1970 Edwarda slipped … Read more

An Icon of God’s Love: Bella Santorum

The elections are over and I for one am relieved that the campaigns are in the rear-view mirror. American political discourse is a patience-testing experience, but I am grateful for and recall fondly one glimmer of love and joy from the political campaigns. Bella Santorum Daughter of Senator Rick and Karen Santorum, Bella, who has … Read more

Voting According to Catholic Principles, Not Partisan Politics

Election 2012 is upon us. Many are calling it the most important election in their lives. The candidates and supporters have routinely emphasized that the Presidential candidates, their platforms, and their voting records are complete opposites. The two main parties in the United States have extremely different visions on nearly every issue of importance. And … Read more

Who Really Cares About Women’s Health?: WCD Sponsors Participate in a Cover-Up

Advocates of abortion and birth control often speak of “empowering women” with unbiased and vital information about “reproductive health.” Their silence following regular warnings about the negative side-effects of contraceptives, however, calls into question the nature of their concern for women’s health. On September 26, 2011, the FDA announced that it “remains concerned by the potential … Read more

Good News for Women as More Catholic Physicians Follow Church Teaching

A wave of excitement is gradually making its way through a small community of Catholics in Houston, Texas. Married couples who embrace the Church’s teaching in Humanae vitae and who use natural family planning have waited too long. Houston, which boasts one of the largest and most highly regarded medical systems in the world has, … Read more

In Vitro Fertilization: The Human Cost

It can be difficult initially to understand why the Church opposes procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Church teaches that children are the “crowning glory” of marriage. “Why oppose something that allows couples to bring new babies into the world?” Sometimes there is more frustration behind the question: “Why does the Church think … Read more

A Little Angel

Leyna Gonzalez is a precious little girl – a 20 month old bundle of energy and joy.  Against all odds, she is with us today. While in utero, an ultrasound was performed at seventeen weeks that revealed she had a rare tumor protruding from her mouth — an oral teratoma — making her survival highly … Read more

An Authentic Response to a Devastating Crisis

It was a distressing report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) – a May 2012 update on HIV and AIDS among Gay and Bisexual Men. The report details the degree of HIV/AIDS infection in the population of men who have sex with men (MSM). Though the report is both startling and disturbing, I am … Read more

When Suicide Becomes Medical Treatment

In 1997 the state of Oregon legalized physician assisted suicide (PAS), allowing a physician to aid and abet an individual in the unthinkable act of self-murder without fear of criminal prosecution. In many ways this disastrous decision both marked and helped to effect a shift in the thinking of Americans, many of whom increasingly view … Read more

This Cro-Magnon Doesn’t Fight for a Word

Lost in the hubbub surrounding the unsurprising “personal evolution” by President Obama toward support of a radical redefinition of marriage was how the president characterized the position of the majority of Americans who uphold the natural and traditional definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman. His May 9 ABC news … Read more

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