Rev. Dr. Athanasius McVay

Rev. Dr. Athanasius McVay is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton, Canada, professional archival researcher and church historian specializing in twentieth-century Vatican diplomacy and the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

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Sede Vacante 2013: Between Tradition and Novelty

The vacancy of the Sancta Sedes Apostolica, the Holy Apostolic See of Rome, is known as the sede vacante, the Latin ablative absolute of sedes vacans, meaning “when the see is vacant.” The Roman See (diocese) is called Apostolic because, Divine Providence deigned it to be the diocese of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. … Read more

Twilight of a Pontificate: An Eyewitness Report

A middle-aged Italian woman exclaimed “he is my favorite pope!” as she stood next to me in Piazza San Pietro, at the conclusion of Pope Benedict’s final public audience. After an initial surprise, I started thinking about why her reaction was different from that of the average person in the street. My main conclusion was … Read more

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