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Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis Magazine. He is president of the Center for Family and Human Rights in New York and Washington DC. He is the author of several books including, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic (Crisis Publications). He can be reached at [email protected].

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Western Civilization Lives

We are the inheritors of the most profound culture the world has ever known, and not even the modern barbarians can destroy it.

The Thought Police Are Here

Did you ever notice that the Global War on Terror no longer exists? Did you notice it has been replaced by a war on us?

The Never Trump Call for Violence

Opponents of Donald Trump are using increasingly dangerous rhetoric in their campaign to keep the former President out of the oval office.

Appealing But Deadly

Conservatives accepting sexual revolutionaries into their ranks are inviting their own movement’s demise.

The General Judgment Will Rock

The General Judgment is when and where you find out the disposition of everyone, and you find out how they got there. It is when everything is revealed. 

Too Many Saints Looking for Work!

Think about all the saints in Heaven who have never had big followings, or have simply been forgotten by us on this side of the veil. They are waiting there for you and me to ask for their intercession. 

The Black Legend of Christian Brutes

In recent years, the secular Left has been working feverishly to turn Christians into violent monsters. We are told that the number one threat of terrorism in America is from the Right.

I’ll Be Doing Opus Dei No Matter What

The organization Opus Dei has always had difficulty fitting into the greater structure of the Catholic Church. But the fundamental mission of Opus Dei is still fundamentally the mission of the baptized.

It Is Not About Trump, It’s About Us

The Trump indictments are not about getting rid of Trump. It’s really about getting us, smelly conservatives and Christians, patriots who love this country.

The Problems with Fidelity Month

Organizers of Fidelity Month say its message is inclusive and that everyone can come along, and this is quite obviously true; even the trannies can come along. But sometimes you must draw lines.

Lighting a Candle to Rainbow Zeus

This June, say no. Don’t bow down to the Rainbow Zeus. The rainbow nonsense is not a grassroots thing. It is purely top-down, forced on us by the rich and powerful.

These Memberless Men

Eunuch-hood is now being described as a new gender category, but we should call it what it is, a madness that has seeped from the dark corners of our culture.

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