Armando Valladares

Armando Valladares is a Cuban poet, diplomat, and human rights activist. In 1962, he was arrested by the Cuban government for protesting communism, leading Amnesty International to name him a prisoner of conscience. Following his release in 1982, he wrote a book detailing his allegations of torture at the hands of the Cuban government, and was appointed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

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Remarks and Poems

At the age of twenty-three, in December 1960. Armando Valladares who had supported the overthrow of Batista but criticized the emerging Communist character of the Castro regime, was arrested, swiftly tried and sentenced to thirty years in prison. For twenty-two years he remained Castro’s prisoner. The injustice done him transformed him into a poet of … Read more

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