Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams (born 1959) is an American political commentator, author of a conservative newspaper column, and host of a daily radio show and a nationally syndicated TV program, called The Right Side with Armstrong Williams.

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How to Build a Terrorist

Every weekday morning, this nation enjoys a pretty consistent routine. We get up, prepare for work or school, and tune in to local networks for the morning weather, traffic, and news. What have also become routine are the gruesome headlines announcing the day’s latest terrorist attack. Given that these incidents show no signs of abating, … Read more

Abandonment of Faith in Europe

I recently returned from a trip to Europe where, among other stops, I spent some time in Brussels. I was struck by the city’s amazing beauty and wealth. Among the truly awe-inspiring buildings are the multitudes of churches that crowd the city’s streets, including the majestic Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. Like many … Read more

The Physiology of Success: Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit

The philosopher Aesop once related a story about a farmer who discovered among his livestock a goose that had laid an egg of pure gold. Every morning the same thing occurred, and soon the farmer found himself a wealthy man. But as he grew rich he grew greedy, and thinking to get at once all … Read more

America’s Creative Tension: Finding the Balance Between Church and State

For the past three decades, I’ve been blessed to travel to almost every continent. But particularly, I have always felt a pull to visit Egypt and to see—with my own eyes—its ancient history and impressive ruins, and to visit the people who continue this 3,500-year-old civilization. My longing became a reality recently when I made … Read more

The Sabbath: Meeting God on the Day of Rest

Almost every person I know tells me that he’s busy—too busy—and that he wishes he could just find some time to relax. The pressures of work and family, the ring of cell phones, the piles of e-mails…it can sap our energy and dampen our spirits. That is, unless we can find the means to renew … Read more

Improving Schools Through Schoice

There is no doubt that public education in this country has failed miserably. A substantial reason for this is that parents have not been empowered with opportunities to shape the course of their children’s education. Until now, the decision to send one’s child to school has been a passive one, because government, not the people, … Read more

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