Barbara J. Farrah

Barbara J. Farrah is a convert to the Church, a former Marxist atheist. She spent 30 years in Strategic Management roles before retiring two years ago. She has advanced degrees in multiple fields, including: M.A. in European history, MS in Community Health Administration, and Ph.D. (ABD) in American history. She has taught university classes in European and American History, US Government, Leadership Ethics, and Nonprofit Management.

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Canceled priest

Canceling Faithful Priests

It’s fitting that the battle for our persecuted priests is raging in the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. It was here, one hundred years ago, that the diocese’s first bishop, the Reverend Peter J. Muldoon, issued letters to his priests calling them to form what he called “parish councils.” Muldoon had come of age in the … Read more

Fr. Parker

A Third Father James and the Illusion of a Third Way

Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s recent Crisis article, “The Tale of Two Fr. Jameses,” warrants a revisit in light of the emergence to the national stage of a third Father James, Fr. James Parker of the Rockford, Illinois, diocese. In his article, Fr. Longenecker suggests that neither of the two ways, represented by Fr. James Martin and … Read more

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