Michael Baruzzini

Michael Baruzzini is a science writer and editor who lives in Virginia with his wife and children. His blog on the Catholic faith and science may be found at www.deepsoftime.wordpress.com.

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Curiosity, Science, and the Pope

How does a pope make it into a slideshow presented by an outspoken atheist? One would hope it was because a serious argument was being fairly addressed. Alas, we find it is instead because a papal quote is being taken out of context, misunderstood, and used to present a false picture of the relationship between … Read more

Who Are You Calling “Anti-Science”?

In 1939, Albert Einstein penned a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt. The letter was instigated, and largely written, by Hungarian immigrant and physicist Leo Szilard, who was concerned with the technological aims of the Nazi regime. After hearing the eminent British physicist Sir Ernest Rutherford dismiss the idea of obtaining useful energy from nuclear reactions, … Read more

Reflections on a Year of Science

Science is a wonderful hobby, but a dangerous god. This year — the occasion of commemorative scientific events, hoped-for scientific breakthroughs, and major changes in political scientific policy — is a good year to remember this truth.   To label science a mere “hobby,” though, may require some defense. There are those who find their … Read more

Why Conception?

In response to Vice-President elect Joe Biden’s erroneous public comments on the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, USCCB Chairman Justin Cardinal Rigali released a statement asking: When does a new human life begin? When is there a new living organism of the human species, distinct from mother and father and ready to develop and mature … Read more

Fighting the Wrong War

Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul Kenneth Miller, Viking Adult, 256 pages, $25.95       The best parts of Kenneth Miller’s Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul are surprisingly those parts that deal only incidentally with his thesis: that the battle waged against evolution in the … Read more

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