Babette Francis

Babette Francis (born 1930 in India), mother of eight children, twenty grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, lives in Melbourne (Australia). She is an independent journalist and regular columnist of their local newspaper as well as several Australian magazines, and for many years she worked for "Radio Australia". She is considered an expert on the women's movement at the international level. Babette Francis led, among other things, a delegation to the UN World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 and was an accredited observer at the UN Habitat II Conference in Istanbul in 1996. She reported on the UN Decade for Women World Conference for the Australian journal Quadrant from which the present article is adapted.

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Nattering Nabobs in Nairobi: The UN’s Conference on Women

The UN Decade for Women World Conference and the Non-government Organizations Forum held concurrently in Nairobi, Kenya in July, 1985, constituted a lost opportunity for the Western democracies and for Chris­tians in particular. These meetings could have been a showcase for democracy and religious freedom, and for the promotion of pro-life, pro-family policies. Instead, what … Read more

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