Bruno V. Manno

Bruno V. Manno is a trustee emeritus of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation and senior advisor to the K–12 Education Reform Initiative at the Walton Family Foundation.

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What Public Education Can Learn from Catholic Schools

There are few policy questions as important to the general public as what to do about education. Everyone agrees that that education on all levels—and especially the education of minority students—is in utter disarray, but it is difficult to forge a consensus on what precisely should be done to address the problem. In the midst … Read more

Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Descriptive Picture

Few dispute that policy discussions ought to be grounded in and informed by accurate data. Furthermore, clichés and stereotypes are seldom to be trusted. They often cloud rather than enlighten one’s perspective on an issue. These remarks are especially true when applied to a discussion on the role federal, state, and local governments should play … Read more

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