Dawn Carpenter

Dawn Carpenter currently serves as a Senior Vice President at a major Wall Street firm and is a leading authority in financial management for nonprofit corporations. Ms. Carpenter is a recognized expert in the intersection of faith and business/wealth management and has taught financial management in the graduate schools of three major universities. She is currently a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Business and Economics at Catholic University, where she teaches Applied Financial Management, synthesizing technical financial analysis with theological principles. Ms. Carpenter holds an MPM in Public Sector Financial Management from the University of Maryland and a M.A. and B.A. in Political Science from American University, and is currently a candidate for a M.A. in Systematic Theology at the Notre Dame Graduate School at Christendom College. She and her husband have two daughters and reside in Great Falls, Virginia.

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Money Matters (But Not the Way You Think)

  St. Matthew, patron saint of bankers, pray for me. This is how I open and close each day. I am a banker and in the business of buying and selling money. There is a common misconception among the faithful that having money is bad, and having a lot of money is really bad. Conversely, … Read more

Five Things Every Catholic Businessperson Must Know

A few years ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of our country’s most well-known and respected business leaders. It started as I was chatting with the man’s wife, and she asked me what I did for fun. I could have told her I enjoyed golf, or gardening, or skiing, or any number of … Read more

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