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Casey Chalk is the author of The Obscurity of Scripture: Disputing Sola Scriptura and the Protestant Notion of Biblical Perspicuity (Emmaus Road Publishing), and The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands (Sophia Institute Press). He has an M.A. in Theology from Christendom College and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Virginia.

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Nationalistic Saints

Saints such as Joan of Arc and Thomas More demonstrate that being holy does not mean being disengaged from public service.

The War of the Worlds: Faith vs. Cowardice

Though typically memorialized as one of the earliest exemplars of the science-fiction genre, “War of the Worlds” offers a biting commentary on the futility and uselessness of the theologically-inclined, and especially clerics.

Let Us Be Frank About Our Future

Fifty years ago, the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans was about five percent of the population, meaning that in just two generations that cohort has increased 500 percent, and most of that has been just in the last twenty-five years.

Do We Need a Data-Driven Church?

Celebrity pastor Rick Warren argues for doctrinal and disciplinal innovations based on polling data. Catholics would do well to be suspicious of following his lead.

Pro-Lifers Must Tell Their Stories

Since Dobbs, liberal corporate legacy media is running as many stories as possible on the indignities suffered by women across the United States who have had difficulty procuring an abortion. Pro-lifers need to respond.

Imagining More Than a Career

I’d like my children to identify vocations (and perhaps professions) that will provide for their needs and give them some degree of personal fulfillment. But I would never tell them that their careers are the most important thing.

Imagine No Religion

The biggest threat facing America today isn’t China, Russia, radical sexual or racial ideologies, globalism or widening economic disparities. The gravest threat is the dramatic decline in citizens’ religious affiliation and belief.

Courage for 2023

Courage is not a onetime choice. It is one we must make every day. We choose it through sacrifices, prayer, the sacraments, and moral living.

Dionne We Now Our Gay Apparel

A prominent liberal asks: Why do conservative Christians seem to treat the sin of homosexuality different than the sins of adultery or divorce?

The Benefits of a Commercialized Christmas

I despise the commercialization of Christmas as much as the next Catholic, but we are foolish not to leverage the many (mixed) blessings afforded to us by technology and capitalism.

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