Charlotte Low

At the time this article was published, Charlotte Low was a senior editor of Insight magazine.

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Message From Rome: Maryknoll Seminary to Close This Fall

In a powerful message to the Maryknoll group headquartered in Ossining, New York, the Vatican has pressured the Maryknoll seminary to close down because it ignores basic curricular requirements and subordinates Catholicism to leftist political ideology. “Maryknoll was doing an excellent job training Marxists, but a terrible job training priests,” according to a source close … Read more

That Good Old Tridentine Mass

Is Its Attraction Due to Intrinsic Superiority or Its Link With Ancient Tradition? One of my sisters, a Park Avenue housewife, is not exactly a regular churchgoer, but she has duly had each of her three children baptized, and later, packed off to Saturday morning religion classes. When she brought the youngest to the font … Read more

Gilding the Little Flower

For all its virtues, Thérèse remains an aesthetic, not a religious, achievement  To write ill of the movie Thérèse seems churlish. Its intentions are noble, their execution reverent. In this, the godless late twentieth century, a French director, Alain Cavalier, has made a movie about a nun which does not mock celibacy or humility, indulge … Read more

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