Clement Harrold

Clement Harrold, a native of England, is a recent alumnus of Franciscan University of Steubenville where he graduated top of his class with a triple major in Theology, Philosophy, and Classics, and a minor in German.

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Women Deserve Men Who Oppose Abortion

Legalized abortion is, in part, due to the catastrophic moral and spiritual failure of men—especially Christian men—who have stood on the sidelines for so long.


A Church Without Purpose

In a virtual conversation conducted earlier this year with His Excellency Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson bemoaned the overwhelming decline experienced by the Catholic Church in recent decades: My sense is that it’s because the Church does not demand enough of young people. And by not demanding enough it doesn’t … Read more


A Time for Anger

In the eleventh chapter of John’s Gospel, we are told that Jesus wept over the death of His friend Lazarus. It’s commonly believed this was simply our Lord expressing his grief. However, some scholars argue that our Lord’s tears in this instance were an expression not just of grief but of a holy and terrible … Read more


The Theological Illiteracy of “Dare We Hope?”

It has rightly been said that in order to appreciate the “Good News” of salvation we first need to recognize the bad news of damnation. This point appears to have been lost on the likes of Bishop Robert Barron with his echoing of 20th century Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar’s suggestion that we might … Read more


The Rage Against Man

The events of the past year have posed new and, in certain respects, unprecedented challenges not only for the Church and the body politic, but also for individual man and his relationship to both. In the early days of the pandemic, governments surely had just cause for concern in the face of this highly contagious … Read more

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