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Daniel Burke is the former president and C.O.O. of EWTN News and the author of the bestselling book Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits.

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Spiritual Warfare (Guest: Dan Burke)

When we think of Satan and demonic forces we often think of spectacular events like demonic possessions or exorcisms. Yet how do demons quietly influence and impact us in our own spiritual lives?

The Occult Spirituality of Black Lives Matter

Black lives do matter. Period. My first step-father was a racist and an abuser. He constantly used the “n”-word and denigrating language for all who were non-white. He also beat my mother and fired a gun inside our home. I never embraced racism in any form—my stepfather’s character made that easy. During my youth, by … Read more

Two Crises, One Thing Necessary

There is no arguing that we are facing a crisis of immense proportions in the Church. We most likely wince at the daily headlines of scandal, accusations, cover-ups, doublespeak, and unfaithfulness to vows, teaching, and immorality within the hierarchy of the Church—all of which leave her vulnerable and disreputable at exactly the time when the … Read more

Some Church Architectural Styles Really Are Profane

Architecture speaks, and, like a homily or proclamation of scripture, it can change us profoundly. It preaches and teaches every time we enter a church building. When it speaks truth it reminds us that God is central, and that we are broken and in need of a savior who offers us a place of eternal … Read more

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