David Ayers, Ph.D.

David Ayers is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Sociology at Grove City College, where he has also served previously as Dean of the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters, and as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. He is author of two textbooks with Cengage, and most recently Track-Dating, Marriage, & Sex: A Student's Guide to Dating Marriage, & Sex (Christian Focus, 2023), After the Revolution: Sex and the Single Evangelical (Lexham, 2022), Why Would Anyone Get Married (Core Christianity Sola Media, 2022), and Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction (Lexham, 2019). He resides in Grove City, Pennsylvania, has been married to Kathy since 1982, has six children, four sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren. He holds his Ph.D. in Sociology from New York University, his MA in Sociology from American University, and his BA in Psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

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The Alarming Fertility Decline Among American Catholic Women

It is no secret that birth rates have been plummeting in developed countries worldwide for the past several decades. Even a BBC headline referred to this global baby crash as “jaw dropping.” The United States is no exception. After rebounding a bit between 1997 and 2007, the birth rate has dropped steadily—4 percent just between … Read more


Young American Catholics and the Normalization of Lesbian and Gay Sexuality

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of two national political leaders—Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi—who claim to be devout Catholics while actively promoting radical pro-abortion and pro-LGBT agendas. This has brought into sharp relief the growing disparity between two thousand years of unvarying Church teaching on these issues against the opinions of large … Read more

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