Danny DeBruin

Danny DeBruin is a Catholic educator, writer, and cartoonist living on Long Island.

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Sins of Omission: Making School Textbooks Politically Correct

  Because of the widespread use (and abuse) of the Internet in classrooms today, many high schools and colleges are asking their students to take an “integrity oath,” promising that they will not cheat or deceive in their research. As pervasive as academic dishonesty is, it is not limited to students’ plagiarizing; it also appears … Read more

An Inside Look at Voice of the Faithful

As I pulled into the high school parking lot of the affluent Long Island suburb of Manhasset one July evening, I passed a BMW with a Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) window decal. Clearly, this was the place. I entered the building, passing a number of elderly people standing behind tables covered with pamphlets. A … Read more

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