Desmond J. FitzGerald

At the time this article was written, Desmond J. FitzGerald was a member of the Department of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco.

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Etienne Gilson’s Centenary

Had Etienne Gilson lived, he would have been one hundred years old this past June 13th. As it was, dying in 1978, he came within six years of living a century, and this summer Toronto’s Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies celebrated their founder’s centenary by publishing Gilson’s biography. Father Lawrence K. Shook, C.S.B.’s Etienne Gilson is … Read more

The Twilight of Socialism

If John Paul II is a socialist, as some would claim, you could not establish it on the basis of Laborem Exercens. This encyclical letter On Human Work certainly extols the value and dignity of man the worker. It underlines the fact that man fulfills himself as a human being through his work; man is … Read more

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