Doug LeBlanc

Douglas LeBlanc, a veteran religion journalist, is a former editor with Christianity Today and Compassion International. He is the author of Tithing: Test Me in This (Thomas Nelson, 2010). He has written for Christian Research Journal, Episcopal Life, and the weblog His writing has appeared in the collections Changing Boundaries: The Best Religion News Writing (Seabury, 2005) and Classical Techniques, Contemporary Arguments (Longman, 2006). Doug and his wife, Monica, attend St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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The Catholic Temptation: An Evangelical’s Second Thoughts

Although I was born Episcopalian and embraced evangelical Protestantism because it takes religion much more seriously, of late I have found myself sorely tempted by the riches of the Catholic faith. I find myself most strongly propelled in that direction when Protestant clergy reveal their trendier-than¬thou mentality; for example, when Bishop John Spong of Newark, … Read more

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