Donna Steichen

Donna Steichen’s first book, "Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism,"(Ignatius Press), stirred up a storm among feminists when it was published in 1991. Her most recent book is "Chosen: How Christ Sent Twenty-Three Surprised Converts to Replant His Vineyard" (Ignatius Press, 2009).

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Is Feminism a Heresy?

The following essay first appeared in Disorientation: How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind, ed., John Zmirak. It is reprinted with permission of the publisher.   You might be surprised to hear feminism described as a “heresy.” Like most Americans, you may assume that the feminist movement simply asserts that women are full … Read more

Crystal Ball Catholicism: Welcome to the Wacko World of New Age Theology

As part of today’s religious revival, a so-called “New Age” movement is flourishing at the point where superstition, pop-psychology, and scientific speculation intersect. Factual reports about it tend to sound exaggerated if not apocalyptic. Evangelical Christian critics like Constance Cumbey and Dave Hunt think it signals the coming of the Anti-Christ. Carl Raschke of the … Read more

School-based Clinics Take Hold

Mobilization is virtually complete. In the civil war between “family planning professionals” and mere families, the professionals — foundation-funded, tightly organized, alight with zeal — have a media blitz in operation to build the “public mandate” needed to market their program. Agents are in place in the helping professions. Beachheads have been secured in some … Read more

Has the Prolife Movement Been Doing It Wrong?

Those who have been in the trenches during 14 years of the war against legal abortion tend to get irritable when newcomers want to instruct them in rhetoric and tactics. In the year or so preceding the American Bishops’ pastoral on War and Peace, for example, a fair number of previously silent liberals joined the … Read more

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