William A. Donohue

William A. Donohue is the president and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. His most recent book is Why Catholicism Matters: How Catholic Virtues Can Reshape Society in the 21st Century (2012).

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Obama Wages War on Catholicism

Americans who oppose abortion have learned to live with Roe v. Wade, but they (as well as some abortion-rights advocates) have never come to terms with proposals forcing them to fund abortion. This was on President Obama’s mind when he addressed the graduation class of 2009 at the University of Notre Dame. “Let’s honor the … Read more

I’m Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Racist, and Support David Duke

The following is a tongue-in-cheek reply to Nick Cafardi’s article, “I’m Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Abortion, and Support Obama.” I believe racism is an unspeakable evil, yet I support David Duke, who is pro-racism. I do not support him because he is pro-racism, but in spite of it. Is that a proper choice for a committed Catholic? … Read more

Abortion, Human Trafficking, and the Left’s Double Standard

Every social problem we face today — from racial discrimination to abortion — is tied to other underlying root causes. It makes sense, then, for society not to neglect long-term proposals when trying to check these matters. But such strategies are never a ready substitute for fighting social problems in the near term. And that’s … Read more

‘Peace and Justice’ Catholics

In the summer of 1993, a young woman on my staff came back from lunch one afternoon screaming mad. I had just started as president of the Catholic League and wanted to know what her problem was. It so happened that over lunch (in the New York Archdiocese’s cafeteria) she was berated by a young … Read more

How the Catholic Left Is Boxed in by Abortion

  They just can’t shake it. It’s a noose. It’s destroying their credibility. It’s the abortion albatross. Try as they may to find matters that rival the life issues, the Catholic Left continues to come up empty. When the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted overwhelmingly on June 13 to affirm the Church’s teaching … Read more

Catholic Left Hangs Itself

The Catholic Left is hanging itself right before our eyes. Having never come to grips with the Church’s teachings on sexuality, they are now tightening the noose on themselves in public. It is not a pretty sight. This month alone they have embroiled themselves in a debate with three separate archbishops, with no end in … Read more

Spinning the Pope’s Visit

One week after Pope Benedict XVI touches down in the United States, the Pennsylvania primary will be held. All indications are the media would much prefer to concentrate on the latter; they certainly feel more at home covering a subject they know something about. Nonetheless, they will have to give Hillary and Barack a back seat, … Read more

Brave New World: Gays, Giulani, and Catholics

At precisely noon on June 25, 1995, in front of New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a police officer yelled into a bull horn: “Anyone who takes off his clothes will be arrested.” New York is home to more parades than any city in America. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, hardly a Sunday goes by … Read more

Clinton’s Catholic Problem—Elders, Shalala, et al.

Recently, someone from the White House called to defend the Clinton administration on the charge of anti-Catholicism, I waited to hear something persuasive. But as I will reveal, nothing he said proved very convincing. There were a few comments that sounded convincing, which I recount here: President Clinton is responsible for recapturing the Reagan Democrats, … Read more

Stonewall at 25: Gays Celebrate 25 Years of Liberation and License

On June 27, 1969, seven New York City policemen raided a small Greenwich Village bar under the suspicion that the club was operating without a liquor license. Inside the Stonewall bar the cops found boxes of illegal booze and an assortment of drag queens, transsexuals, and other sexual deviants. When the bust started, the transvestites … Read more

Anti-Catholic Liberties Union: Why the ACLU Followed Henry Hyde to Mass

Before the Supreme Court adjourns this term, it will decide a case that goes to the heart of religious freedom and civil libertarian activism: the constitutionality of Congressional legislation designed to allow religious organizations the right to receive federal funds for the promotion of self-discipline as a form of birth control for teenagers. Last spring, … Read more

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