David Quinn

David Quinn is an Irish commentator on religious and social affairs. For over six years, he was editor of The Irish Catholic, a weekly newspaper. He has written weekly opinion columns for newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Sunday Business Post and the Irish Daily Mail. Quinn has contributed to publications such as First Things, The Human Life Review and The Wall Street Journal (Europe edition). Currently, he freelances and contributes weekly columns to the Irish Independent and The Irish Catholic. He appears regularly on Irish radio and television current affairs programs.

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What the War Revealed

In the run-up to the recent Gulf War, I received a letter from a reader of the Irish Catholic, for which I was at that point still editor, declaring that if I kept up my support for the United States’s position with regard to Iraq, I would find myself automatically excommunicated from the Church. I … Read more

Irish Bishops Blame Saint Paul for Battered Women

St. Paul has long been vilified by feminists as an unreconstructed male chauvinist responsible for keeping women subservient to men by telling them to be submissive to their husbands, to be silent in church, and to cover their heads when at worship. Now it seems that the bishops of Ireland are at one with the … Read more

Dana: Mother Angelicas Songbird Gets Political

Most Americans have probably never heard of the European Parliament. With good reason. Though its members represent the people of the European Union, it has very little power, and even Europeans hardly bother about it. But many American Catholics have probably heard of the singer Dana Rosemary Scanlon who has been the featured singer on … Read more

Muddling Through: The Catholic Church in Ireland

The Archdiocese of Dublin is easily the largest in Ireland, with around one million Catholics, but last year, for the first time ever, it advertised for vocations. The campaign asked, “Who are the men in black?” Posters appeared around the city posing the question to passers-by, featuring what were supposed to be two Roman collars … Read more

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