Dr. Ian Murphy

Dr. Ian Murphy experienced a stirring journey into Christianity out of agnosticism. His subsequent ministry to reach other skeptics with the Gospel unexpectedly rocketed to public attention when his valedictorian speech about Jesus made headlines nationwide, inspiring a Congressional Law from the desk of Senator Arlen Specter. This momentum landed Ian into the position of head pastor at a Baptist church in Texas, where his ministry remained centered until his decision to enter the Catholic Church. Shifting career direction, he became a professor of theology, most recently at Divine Mercy University. His autobiography entitled “Dying to Live: From Agnostic to Baptist to Catholic”, which includes a foreword by Dr. Scott Hahn, was published by Ignatius Press. His second book is a 2023 offering from Sophia Institute Press entitled “The Road to Self-Awareness: A Therapy Book for Christians.” Ian currently works as a fulltime Catholic writer and speaker and resides near Charleston, SC with his wife Rachel.

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