David Scott

David Scott is an author with a special interest in religion and culture. He has published several books, including studies of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Dorothy Day. Hundreds of his essays and articles have appeared in journals and periodicals throughout the world, including the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, as well as National Review, Commonweal, Crisis, Inside the Vatican, National Catholic Register, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Beliefnet.com and elsewhere.

recent articles

Go Tell it in the Rockies

At 10:30 on a recent Friday morning at St. Vincent de Paul School in Denver, about 20 blue-and-white-uniformed fifth-graders kneel silently, fidgeting only slightly, in a small chapel lit only by the flickering of a thick red candle. Two floors down in the school building, a fresh- faced nun in full black-and-white habit paces the … Read more

A New Frequency of Faith

In May 2000, the nation’s first commercial Catholic radio network went off the air after just 18 months in operation. Catholic Family Radio’s launching in 1998 had been accompanied by a fanfare of publicity in the Catholic and even the secular trade media, and when it crashed and burned a little over a year later, … Read more

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