Eugene D. Genovese

Eugene Dominic Genovese (1930 – 2012) was an American historian of the American South and American slavery. He has been noted for bringing a Marxist perspective to the study of power, class and relations between planters and slaves in the South. His work Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made won the Bancroft Prize. He later abandoned the Left and Marxism, and embraced traditionalist conservatism.

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Class Power, Again: Addressing Samuel Francis

Samuel Francis’s latest book, Beautiful Losers: Essays in the Failure of American Conservatism, criticizes the Old Right, New Right, and neoconservatism by focusing on the locus of social power in a manner that should warm the heart of the few Marxists who bother to read it. Marx believed that the proletariat had the historic opportunity … Read more

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