Ed Simmons, Jr.

At the time this article was written, Ed Simmons, Jr., was a poet, playwright, and free-lance writer in Washington, D.C.

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Film: Media Heroes

Hero Directed by Stephen Frears Distributed by Columbia Pictures Hero—a cynical comedy that rattles along like an M1 tank run amuck on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington during the Desert Storm festivities—targets a nation obsessed with accumulation, selfishness, waste, and self-delusion. Despite some ill-guided gunnery, the aim isn’t too bad as Hero blasts away at the … Read more

Film: Hitler as Failed Artist

The Architecture of Doom A film by Peter Cohen Distributed by First Run Features The Architecture of Doom is the wrong title for Peter Cohen’s documentary of Nazi Germany, now circulating among the more daring U.S. movie houses. A better, more exact title would have been, since the movie focuses solely on the Führer, The … Read more

War Comes to Brooklyn

Alan and Naomi Screenplay by Jordan Horowitz Directed by Sterling Van Wagener Despite a plot that sometimes creaks with unlikelihood and moans with torpor, Alan and Naomi survives as a gripping tale, well ahead of the current brood of U.S. movies. Set in Brooklyn in 1944, Alan and Naomi zooms in on a slender, almost … Read more

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