Edward S. Shapiro

Edward S. Shapiro is professor emeritus of history at Seton Hall University.

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The Ritualistic Liberalism of the New York Times

In November 19, 1984 the New York Times published an editorial entitled “Censors in Feminist Garb” which warned of the threat to the Republic emanating from Suffolk County, Long Island. Here “a strange alliance of bluenosed censors and a branch of the feminist movement” was lobbying to outlaw the sale of reading material containing “graphic … Read more

A Distributist Society

The original version of this paper was delivered at the third annual G. K. Chesterton Conference, sponsored by the G. K. Chesterton Society of New York City, at Fordham University, November, 1983. Gilbert Keith Chesterton died in 1936, the same year that the poet Allen Tate and Herbert Agar, Chesterton’s leading American political disciple, edited … Read more

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