William Edmund Fahey and Sara Cone Bryant

William Edmund Fahey is the President and a Fellow of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack, New Hampshire). With his wife, he co-edits The Civilized Reader. Sara Cone Bryant was born in 1873 and attended Boston University. She pursued some advanced work on childhood development and elementary education in Berlin. In 1908 she married Theodore Franz Borst, a New England horticulturist. In the early twentieth century she taught both on the collegiate and elementary level, while editing dozens of volumes of children’s literature. In the years before and after the First World War, she was a popular lecturer on the subject of story-telling. Bryant authored eight books under her maiden name, largely on story-telling and education.

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The Common Core of a Child’s Heart (Part I): The Art and Purpose of Storytelling

Zeal for a national curriculum is not new, nor is the appearance of an entire well-financed educational bureaucracy obsessed with finding (and controlling) methods to justify its educational schemes.  The educational sorcerers may feel that they have conjured up some novel idea in the Common Core Initiative.  They have not, anymore than Alfred Bosworth discovered … Read more

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