Fred Friedman

At the time this article was written, Fred Friedman was a free-lance writer living in Washington, D.C.

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The National Council of Churches — From Mainstream to Extreme

Religious groups have played a profoundly important role in shaping the contours of our political and cultural life. For the most part, these groups have exercised a positive and purposeful influence on our national public life. Because of this influence in shaping public policy, it is distressing to see any group take positions so extreme … Read more

Ladders of Opportunity: Why Some Groups Succeed Faster

Almost every American supports the proposition that no individual ought to be denied the right to a job, an education, to vote, or to any of the other privileges of citizenship because of his race, color, religion, or sex. Indeed, the civil rights laws of the 1960s were passed to bring the nation’s laws into … Read more

Empowering the Poor

A New Experiment in Tenant Ownership May Point to a Solution for the Housing Crisis Seven years ago, the Kenilworth-Parkside housing project in the northeast section of Washington, D.C., was a sad reminder of the failure of urban social policy. Drug abuse, violent crime, educational neglect, family instability, and complete community breakdown permeated the complex … Read more

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