Frank Kessler

Frank Kessler, Professor of Political Science at Benedictine College, earned his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. He has published books, print articles, anthology chapters and review essays on the presidency, constitution, and international politics in Presidential Studies Quarterly, Current History, Revista Interamericana, and the American Political Science Review. He retired as Distinguished Professor at Missouri Western State University and has taught presidential politics to graduate students at University of Missouri – Kansas City.

recent articles

Court Rules Against Little Sisters of the Poor

Tuesday afternoon, a three-judge panel in Denver effectively told the Little Sisters of the Poor that they would be forced to go along with the contraceptive provisions of Obamacare and relevant regulations regardless of conscience.   If not, the sisters would be so severely fined by the federal government that they would have to close their … Read more

Factors that Led to Bishop Finn’s Resignation

Two weeks ago, Bishop Robert Finn, the embattled bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph in Missouri, had his resignation accepted by appropriate authorities in the Vatican. Canon law accepts “graves reasons” other than things like age, infimity and so on as sufficient reason for the Church to accept a bishop’s resignation because … Read more

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