Frank P. Trotta, Jr.

Frank P. Trotta, Jr. is a retired attorney living in York County, SC.

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Are Abortion-Free COVID-19 Vaccines on the Way?

Update 6/15/21: Recently, the Lozier Institute learned that Sanofi-GSK used abortion-derived HEK293T cells to produce pseudovirus in some of their confirmatory lab tests.  This was also the case for the Inovio and Novavax vaccine candidates mentioned in the article, the latter of which was reported this week to be close to seeking FDA approval.   … Read more

Our Gestures at Mass Really Do Matter

When I lived in the northeast I had an embarrassment of riches in terms of the availability of Masses. There were 27 options for daily Mass within five miles of my northern home. At our new home on the border of the Carolinas there are only two or three options within 15 miles. Visiting different … Read more

Trigger Warnings to Prayer Triggers: A Call for Frequent Prayer

Borrowing from C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, Father Paul Scalia once wrote that the Devil can’t create. “The Devil is unable to create anything. He lacks the ability to create…. He can only take what is good and distort it a bit…. So the Devil takes the good things of God and he mimics … Read more

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