Fr. James Grant

A former Anglican, Fr. James Grant was received into the Catholic Church and ordained as a Catholic Priest in September 2012. He is the first Chaplain appointed to an A league soccer club in Australia at the largest Australian club, Melbourne Victory. He is involved with 9MM and 45ACP pistol and rifle competition and is completing PPLH training. In 2013 he established the Father James Grant Foundation, implementing programs for de-motivated young Australians. The "Mission Engage" program has now helped around 800 young Australians find their first job.

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Continued Vatican Silence in China

The decision of Pope Francis to “trust and engage” with Chinese Communists is already a decision with severe consequences for Chinese Catholics on the ground.


Putting the Parish Mission into Action

Overwhelmingly, the most common experience of Catholic priests, parishes, and dioceses is one of overwork, hackneyed originality, and shortness of funds. In truth, we are in survival mode; few parishes or dioceses have any growth or effective plans for the future years. Most Catholics no longer know what mission is. They hopelessly confuse it with … Read more

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