Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer Fulwiler is a freelance writer, a columnist for Envoy Magazine, and a blogger for the National Catholic Register. Her writing has appeared in a variety of publications, including National Lampoon, Crisis Magazine, America Magazine and Our Sunday Visitor. She is a regular guest on the EWTN radio network

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The Two Lists

  Of all the things I remember about the Texas March for Life in Austin last January, the memory that stands out the most is the look on the faces of the counter-protesters who followed us along Congress Avenue and down to the capitol that frosty morning. When I glanced over to see the source … Read more

Eight Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset

I once said that I’d die to keep abortion legal and easily accessible, and I meant it. I was vehemently pro-choice, as were most of the women in my social circles. We believed abortion was a critical right for women and could not imagine how anyone could be pro-life. We were products of a culture … Read more

The World Is Watching

  It was only a few years ago that I began exploring Christianity after a life of atheism. I’ll never forget the time I was up late at night, feeling lost and slightly depressed as I searched around the Internet for arguments in favor of God’s existence, and I stumbled across a series of heated … Read more

Google and Ye Shall Find: The Internet and the New Evangelization

  People usually laugh when they hear me say that I think the Internet age will lead to mass conversions to orthodox Christianity. Anyone who’s spent much time online knows that the ratio of sites with base or immoral content to those with spiritually edifying content is approximately a zillion to one, so what makes … Read more

How to Talk to an Atheist about Christianity

Once upon a time, not so long ago, atheism was the belief system that dared not speak its name. Even the most ardent skeptic paid lip service to faith, or at least to the blessings that mankind derived from it. But that’s not the case anymore. Atheism is a strong and growing influence in our … Read more

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