Msgr. George A. Kelly

A native of New York City, George A. Kelly (1916-2004) was ordained for that Archdiocese in 1942. After receiving a Ph.D. from Catholic University, he worked in parish life, administration, and academia in New York. He was one of the founders of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and author of many books, including The Battle for the American Church (1979). In the 1980s, Msgr. Kelly was at St. John's University in New York City.

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Remember the Legendary Pastors? The Church Grows from the Bottom

The Catholic Church since Vatican II has blundered in attempting to satisfy the modern demand for a more enjoyable and freer life on earth. By decentralizing its administrative structures without proper safeguards, the Church unwittingly gave legitimacy to grassroots activists—within its own institutions—who work against its teaching and way of life. As a result of … Read more

The Catholic College: Death, Judgment, Resurrection

Why don’t we put a moratorium on abstract discussions of the nature of the Catholic college and instead take a good look at what is actually happening on Catholic campuses? Ideas can be debated forever but they have consequences, and Catholicity or its lack can be determined more easily by looking at what happened day-by-day … Read more

The Extraordinary Synod: A Symposium

No one knows for sure what the Pope has in mind for the Extraordinary Synod. Since all but a small minority of the world’s Catholic bishops concur with him on matters of faith and morals, as they were one with Paul VI in 1964 when he polled the various hierarchies on contraception, it is not … Read more

The Crisis within Catholicism: The Myths, the Facts and the Solution

The critical question raised by Paul VI ten years ago still needs answering: Do we believe what we preach? Few Catholics like to speak of “schism” in connection with the present crisis in the Church, but “the break” with Church teaching and Church authority is real enough. We are not experiencing the benign neglect of … Read more

The Twilight of Socialism

Msgr. Francis J. Haas, the second of two prominent Right Reverend New Dealers during the presidency of FDR (John A. Ryan was No. 1), once told his Catholic University graduate students that the word “socialism” might well have been taken over by the Catholic Church to describe its political philosophy had the term not been … Read more

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