Garrett D. Johnson

Garrett D Johnson was born and raised in Washington DC and raised in a nominally Catholic family in Maryland. He left the Church in his late teens and lived a hedonistic lifestyle that included drugs, gaming, and living as a gay man until coming back to Catholicism in his late 30s. He is a blogger (his website is, a stylist, and a member of the Courage apostolate. His self-published autobiography Becoming a Good Man will be available in 2024.

recent articles

The Guilty Pleasures of Violence

Are we letting our video-game mentality toward violence, rather than a Catholic view, affect how we want to respond to real-world violence?

The Whore at the Well

God does not see people as “gay” or “homosexual.” He sees them as their true identity as His sons and daughters.

Coming Down the Mountain

At an early age, I started hearing the word gay used to describe me. I wasn’t sure what it meant the first time I heard it around kindergarten or first grade, but I could tell it wasn’t good.

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