Gregory S. Butler

Dr. Butler teaches political philosophy and American government at New Mexico State University.

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Orestes Brownson and American Nativism

This dramatic demographic transformation produced an encounter between Catholicism and American culture that was to prove highly significant. It meant that Americans would, for the first time, be forced to think seriously about the relationship between their inherited political institutions and the cultural underpinnings capable of sustaining them. The encounter would, also for the first … Read more

Orestes Brownson’s Legacy: Why Catholicism Is as American as Apple Pie

The Roman Catholic Church, it needs to be remembered, is quite literally an un-American institution. It is not democratic. The Church’s political views . . . are sharply at odds with those that inform the laws of American secular society. —David Boldt, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 1, 1990 Orestes Brownson is most often remembered for his … Read more

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