Gregory A. Fossedal

Gregory Fossedal (born 1959) is an American writer and political/economic theorist. At the time this article was published, he was a media fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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Slings and Arrows: Our Vanishing Deterrent

From a highly unlikely source comes a grave warning to those who shape U.S. defense policy. The warning: America’s shrinking fleet of nuclear-armed submarines may be visible, now or in the near future, to the Soviet Union. The source: Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who in a post-summit news conference made the following statement about prospects … Read more

Slings and Arrows: Verification Isn’t the Issue

President Reagan and Vice President Bush continue to assure the skeptical that any arms treaty they support will be “verifiable.” What their loyal supporters need to explain to them is that verification isn’t the issue. The issue, as Reagan aide Fred C. Ikle once put it in an article for Foreign Affairs, is this: “After … Read more

Slings and Arrows: Let’s Politicize the Court

Ronald Regan just hurled the ultimate accusation one politician can make against other politicians, saying that Judge Robert Bork’s political foes in the Senate have “politicized” the question. Actually, the Bork nomination was political from start to finish. The surest sign comes from Democrats frantically urging the president to withdraw Bork’s name without a fight. … Read more

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